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Getting Started

1. What is is a job portal website specially design and build for locals to suit the multicultural society which offers three different languages - English, BM and Chinese. is implemented with ultra fast & powerful search engine to enable job seekers easily seek for the job they want. Employers can choose the languages they want to advertise based on the targeted employees.


2. What can I do on

For job seekers, is a one-stop job-search portal. Entirely free-of-charge, registered jobseekers will be able to search for jobs from various companies, learn about job opportunities and build professional resume online. By the way, job seekers can also earn some extra income by participating in the campaigns offered by

For employers, it is a platform to reach out to hundreds of thousands of jobseekers in Malaysia. Providing employer a most cost effective channel to recruit new employee..

Job Seeker FAQ

1. How do I sign-up as a job seeker with

You may sign-up as a job seeker by register as a member with To register, please click on "register" link at the top right corner. Then follow the instruction on the page, step by step to register as a job seeker.


2. How do I search and apply for jobs?

To begin your search, enter job titles or keywords into the search field provided. You may do advanced searching by clicking on "Advanced Search" link located at the bottom right of the search field. The search filter will appear under the search field. There you can select the specific detail to your search.

By the way, you can also filter your searched result by filtering them with search filter which is located at the left side of search result. Select the specific detail you want to filter the search result and click apply. You will get the search result updated with more specific detail you requested.

To apply for job, click on the apply job button link. On the popup page, select the cover letter and resume you want to send for applying the job. You can also request to email you a copy of this application at the bottom of the page. Click on "Submit My Application" button, the application will be send to employers email address.


3. How secure is my information and will anybody else view it?

The resume and information that you have submitted to will be kept strictly confidential. No employer will be able to view your information unless you have specifically applied for the position or you have given your explicit consent for it to be viewed.

Some companies may mine database to proactively seek out talent. You may set your resume's exposure level to allow your resume to be seen by employers or not.


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